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Legal Notices and Terms of Use

Are deemed acquired the following uses of this web portal. These agreements and rules governing the operation of the service.

Shall be deemed accepted without reservation the following. The Publisher shall not be held only to commitments it has given this document in lieu of legal information, terms of use and sale.

The original version of these terms are written in French. Other versions in other languages ​​are given in machine translation via an automatic translator, the original authentic versions.

Preamble and Definitions

1.1 Definitions

The website www.officiel-machine.com is hereinafter referred to as "Official Machine" or "portal"

First, is designated as "seller" or "seller" means any person or entity of any nationality wishing to broadcast on the web site listings of property for which the entity has authority to act,

Is designated as "visitor" or "user" or "User" means any member or user drive over eighteen connecting to the site in order to access information or advertisements for the service. The visitor, accepting all the conditions, is authorized to himself spread messages of information to advertisers or to submit Tenders or Consultation towards third parties and which will be defined later,

Is designated as "tender" or "consultation" a request by filing a third visitor need it mentions via acceptance of the terms of use

Is designated as the "announcement" the content posted by a User or Advertiser towards others and by the posting of commercial information and presentation of their property such as text, images and hyperlinks. The announcement is likely to trigger a purchase of a third

Is designated as "publisher" the company implementing the service and legal information which are named below,

Is designated as a "portal" or "site" the entire site www.officiel-machine.com with domains and subdomains attached, where all of its functions form a whole,

Is designated as the "price" the amount proposed by the Seller to third parties in connection with the marketing of its property held. The "final price" defines in turn the final purchase price converted to euros to be paid by the buyer,

Is designated as a "commission" financial remuneration received by the Publisher in respect of the use of its service in this case acting as a broker.

1.2 Purpose

Official Machine offers services:

Deposit classifieds commissioned after purchasing act by a third party
free consultations ads
free deposit tender and consultation
private consultations tendering and consultation on payment of a subscription

Overall, in substance, the ad service, and formal bidding Machine under the direction of its editor allows linking between advertisers and buyers or dealers and applicants.


Access to the site, consultation or use in its complete functions mentioned above are subject to the unconditional acceptance of these Conditions and references attached.

The acceptance of global conditions is mandated to operate the Editor in relation to the above set and operate any transaction directly or Annex as part of its business.

1.4 Perimeters

The terms and conditions of use apply to the primary domain official-machine.com and all its related areas on or not filed with the competent services and deemed to belong to the institution operating the portal.

This particular that is not exhaustive: official-machine-tool.com, official-machine.com, official-machines.com, official-machine.com, machine.fr officially, officially outils.com machine, officially outils.fr machine, official-machines.com, officially machines.fr

The site is not deemed to be a merchant site. No financial exchange is done through its pages.

2.Conditions use

2.1 Intellectual property and data protection

The elements making up this web portal without concessions, including images, text, logos, database (...) and the set itself is the conditions and French and international laws on copyright and rights neighbors of copyright (particularly Articles L122-4 and L122-5. the Code of Intellectual Property).

With the exception of items made or posted by third parties not part of the company without having assigned their copyright, this set belongs to the publishing company.

In fact, any user or advertiser agrees not to use the Portal for fraudulent purposes, or use counterfeit the portal for the benefit of others, reproduce for commercial purposes or not, without prior authorization or all of the ads and content , integrate or use the Portal in any medium, making use of scripts or crawlers in order to retrieve data or to restore computer files.

Unauthorized use of elements of the Portal, and field mark consisting violates the copyright, image rights and people in place. The publishing company may take whatever legal means possible to expect compensation for the damage suffered. The publisher is the owner and mother of its databases, any unauthorized use and violations of civil law or criminal law on the fault in the matter.

The data sales and marketing, graphic charts, logos, and trademarks are protected areas of law.

The content is updated regularly.

2.2 Limitations of responsibility

As for limitations of liability of the Publisher:

- All loss or damage relating to its users even though these facts are caused by use of the portal and whatever the duration

- The service is implemented in the state and on its good availability, use of the Portal is at the risk of the user on both pages of the Publisher on any page being linked to the outside Portal or its partners

- If you lose access outages and periods of service interruptions any cause

- When using non-compliant with our legal users remain solely responsible for the harm and answering for their actions and they expressly waive all claims against the Publisher

- The use of its users and for any damage caused to third parties and claims made by these funds, thus the user waives any claim against the publisher in the case of prosecution by third

- In any identity theft through lost or stolen IDs or when saving a user does turn out to be that recognized a posteriori, the publisher is not responsible for fraudulent quote request and attempted false transaction to the extent that the publisher is not able to validate the veracity of information

- Announcing the Portal, the advertiser certifies that its announcement, content, images and links are in accordance with all laws and regulations and respect the rights of others. In fact it emerges from any use of the Publisher and its partners, whatever the action taken and guarantees against all convictions, court costs and schedules

- Without the responsibility of the Publisher a comprehensive audit of advertisements, the Publisher may remove or edit parts of the ads to avoid content if the latter it seems to go against good practices, habits or simply related to the good use of the Portal and its conditions

- The publisher and its partners can not be held responsible and taken to repair any errors, shortcomings or gaps in foreign language translations

- The Publisher shall not be liable for technical deviations, delays implemented or breach of duty that they are directly or indirectly resulting from the proposed service

- The Publisher assumes any responsibility for failures, network interruptions, hacking or phishing on all or parts of its pages and its advertising and also for any cause, by implementing an equal obligation of means for its third

- The Publisher reserves the right to terminate the Portal without notice and without explanation and compensation of its third party advertisers, visitors or customers

- The Publisher undertakes no obligation in the insurance sales of advertised products, numbers of contacts in the solvency or proper conduct of transactions with third user

- The Publisher is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information published on the portal and as to any link on its pages

- Portal is not responsible for ads placed by Advertisers including whether they have copied or reproduced some or all of advertisements does not belong to them as the texts, links and images which remain the sole responsibility of author using the portal to market the assets they hold or are expected to be mandated to act. However, strong action to do our very abuse or report will be filed through the party contact the Editor by downstream activities in its possibility if the complaint is intended proven.

2.3 Obligations

2.3.1 Obligations Portal

The Publisher agrees to implement the service to be provided within the terms presented here and for this purpose will mandate users to broadcast announcements and consultations provided.

The Publisher is by no means the holder or dealer of goods or services posted by advertisers, users or other third parties.

The Publisher can not guarantee the satisfaction of the buyers or users, or the sale will be challenged or overturned by the third party advertisers or users.

The Publisher will set up a qualitative rating system in the direction of advertisers, users or third parties to judge the quantitative and qualitative aspects related to sales or contacts can also enjoy any failure on the part of advertisers.

2.3.2 General Obligations advertisers, visitors and users

By connecting Advertisers are given a personal access to the portal they will keep it confidential. Only the owner mentioned during the registration or its legal representatives are allowed to use the access.

In the event of theft, the advertiser takes the necessary actions to change their access or to contact the Publisher to mention the activities noted.

The advertiser is free to determine its selling price based on the criteria that only belong to him.

To act on the Advertiser must be a legal structure.

Advertisers ensure use only one personal account and undertake to update their contact information. They are not engaged in illegal or without material to act and then certify that their name has the right to exercise.

The identifiers chosen not to harm others, making it possible to identify the advertiser (eg name) and respect the intellectual property rights in force.

The Publisher reserves the right, without explanation or to provide notifications to block or delete the accounts and that visitors will see fit not to accept on its pages.

On content, providing advertisers not to allow the sale or distribution of addresses for illegal products and many only property related strictly to the area covered namely the industrial machine or building new or used and components.

Advertisers agree not to disclose any information in their ads to identify their name or be to connect directly without going through the portal first. The Publisher reserves the right to change the ads by requiring compliance with the terms of use or block identifiers in case of repeated abuse.

Goods advertised must be described in honest and accurate allowing the buyer to judge the state accurately. In addition he will mention the exact brand, year of manufacture and design or any information that enables buyers to reliable information for estimating goodness. It is solely responsible to inform visitors of the essential characteristics of his property without the Publisher can not be held responsible.

Advertisers agree to unpublish their ads if they are no longer current or outdated.

By the means available to users agree not to broadcast any file or not to make any action against the proper functioning of the site (use of scripts, launch of viruses, trojans, worms, spamming ...).

Out of the announcement, the parties remain solely responsible for deliveries, payments and any related business relationship. Validation of payments and delivery will be carried out in our pages.

Members, users, or users Advertisers intend to use their own means to connect and track their ads.

The inscription on the site and registering listing (s) on the Portal implies that the advertiser accepts unreservedly and fully all the conditions of use and pricing of commissions.

Any change in conditions will be valid if signed by the Editor before.

If the publisher did not invoke his rights temporarily they remain unchanged Editor can then make the claim later.

2.3.3 Obligations of users

The Publisher reserves the right through the monitoring of trade contacts through the portal, to verify the identity of users.

Users undertake not to carry any legal attack against the Publisher by validating the conditions here presented in their simple and only use the minimum and consultation pages of the Portal.

Users agree to meet in good faith and to our satisfaction questionnaires about the accomplishment or not a sale after formal relationship through the Portal.

2.3.4 Duties of broadcasters bidding

The rules specified here are intended to parallel the points covered by the ads. In addition, the user of that service to certify that on the real entity and engage existing and permits the Publisher distributes its user information to third parties.

2.4 Definition of the sales process

2.4.1 Registration

The registration shall be deemed free. The user agrees to provide true and accurate information.

The filing of adverts is free and unlimited as their quality is not bad and in compliance with the conditions of use of the Portal.

2.4.2 System linking

The portal works on the unique linkage between the parties. Under the condition that the advertiser has the ability to sell the goods advertised are not under the control of the portal.

Contracts and commercial and financial relations arising from linking downstream remain free ads in the simple as the Commission planned is respected by the party vendor. These relations are not governed by the Publisher to be drawn from any defect, failure to pay, hidden defects, non conformity, defects, non-delivery or any other trade or other improper payments and dispute about the property or equipment delivered .

Advertiser validates our services selling well and we shall state if necessary supporting documents the final amount of the sale will be converted into euros at the reporting date.

This statement is made by electronic mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it within 7 days of signing the contract. The Publisher reserves the right to ask for any amount the right parts to see the actual amount of the sale.

Based on this declarative and deemed genuine commission invoice in euros will be payable 30 days end of month by check or European bank transfer to the account of the Publisher.

The overall system, without ceiling and down, holding a commission of 5% of final sale price excluding taxes, ancillary services and delivery. The Editor comes out of the final sales contract a provision of brokerage or subscription bidding. The service of the Publisher is not related to the operation of so-called e-commerce or auction. The property is in any case under the ownership of the Publisher and each of the players remaining independent and free of their assessments and selection of ads. Invoiced amounts are retained by the Publisher without future upgrading.

A failure to file sales and so deliberately obscured Publisher reserves the right to recover in that suit the exact charge back to the Commission due, associated costs of treatment and counseling and related penalties.

The buyer or visitor also agrees to respect the system is limited Commission and guarantee that the advertiser has made the necessary steps. The Editor will validate or not the third party payment or charge fees that are. The Publisher reserves the right to return to either of the parties involved.

Downstream of our ads, parties must respect the laws in force in the drafting of their trade and commercial contracts; stakeholders being able to hire. The rates are intended to detail including costs related to transport such property, customs and maintenance among others.

2.4.3 Sponsorship

The sponsorship system is meant reserved for new members that link mentions a relationship with a sponsor and advertiser already registered on the site.

By mentioning the code properly and on the sponsor, the sponsor allows it to obtain discounts or free offers, which reads as indicated on the site and subject to conditions.

2.4.4 Tenders

The tenders are issued to third parties in payment of a subscription. After execution of delivery of contact information professionals may choose to contact the intended user and offer the property in line with his research.

In case of abuse the Publisher will implement what is in his power to stop the actions, the recipients of the tender stating remain under the authority of the Editor and it reserves the right to suspend the service.

2.4.5 Tools available

To achieve its purpose the Portal provides a set of tools that allow users to communicate about a particular property and ad management and internal messaging.

2.5 Editions of links and advertising services

2.5.1 The portal will contain hyperlinks which the target and the nature of information that will be found are not the responsibility of the Editor, especially if they are implemented by users around the system Announcement

2.5.2 The Portal may contain advertisements published by a user or a third party advertising service which only they are responsible for the content, links and standards and laws

2.6 Saving Data Browser

A cookie (cookie says) can be loaded onto users' computers in order to improve navigation on the portal. At the risk of experiencing difficulties in shipping it is for any user to set their Internet browser to refuse cookies.

Legal 3.Mentions

3.1 Information Editor


SIREN 485330294


Creation Date: 06-12-2005

NAF / activities: advertising agencies 7311Z

Address: 35 Ponchardier 42100 ST ETIENNE

Publishing Director: J. STEINER

3.2 Accommodation

Accommodation: provided by Celeonet - 55 rue Boissonade - 75014 PARIS

Activity / NAF: Data processing, hosting and related 6311Z

Head office 60 Rue Bertie Albrecht 94400 Vitry sur Seine

SAS capital of 85000euros registered on 16-11-2005 under the Siret 45073474400037

3.3 Privacy

3.3.1 Protection and Data Integrity

In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, Data protection, Portal has been declared to the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (CNIL) under number. In accordance with Article 27 of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, at any time you have a right to access and correct data concerning you. This right may be exercised by mail or e-mail from the publisher through the use of the following addresses: Aprox - 35 Rue 42000 ST ETIENNE Ponchardier France or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

At the request of justice, information can be communicated to the competent authorities.

3.3.2 Use of data for commercial purposes

Users and advertisers have reported their contact information or email addresses to accept that the Publisher makes use occasionally or permanently, and this in a reasonable state particularly in the context of information related to the portal, newsletter, or to promote the services marketed by Editor or one of its customers or third parties.

3.3.3 Use of messaging (PMS)

The secrecy of correspondence via a vis third parties is not guaranteed. And also to see its interests respected the Publisher reserves the right to review any exchange, this requirement applies only to achieve our aim without the Publisher is responsible for the exchange and the successful completion of sales in their quality, time, delivery, credit or other damage.

3.3.4 Questions, reserves, abuse

For questions or to report abuse, forgery or fraudulent use the contact link is available to users who request removal data driven issue.

For support on an ad, thank you tell us the exact address of the page (URL) or the ID of the ad in question.

Our services will do their utmost to restore the entire situation and as much as possible.

4.Mises to date all the conditions and distribution

The Publisher reserves the right to change completely freely at any time all references, general and special conditions. The latter will be acquired immediately.

These references shall contract and unlimited in time

The publisher has the right to transfer or assign these terms at any third party without users' consent. The user can claim the same right only after written permission from the Editor

It belongs to all of that information. Also consult the pages automatically result in the approval of the user on all of the provisions without reservation.

5.Lois and jurisdictions

If first attempt of any dispute be settled by mutual agreement, the terms of the Portal are governed by French law to determine case by case law and customs.

The remaining treatments amicable privileged authors of requests will be motivated and documented in order to find a solution to any problem in els shortly.


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